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Ah advertising, lifeblood of the American, nay, the world economy! With a few unobtrusive ads in the otherwise unused margins targeted to our interests, we can be informed about new products or services we may be interested in!

Image:Project-ads adblock.jpg
The concept "below the fold" is lost on some people

Commerce, she is a beautiful thing!

Ways to make the ads go awayEdit

Ads got you wanting to drink bleach? There's a 2 step procedure that makes 'em go away!

1) Register for an account if you haven't already.

2) Go to and add the following code to that page. This will cause the ads to disappear.

#adSpace0 {display:none !important}
#adSpace1 {display:none !important}
#adSpace2 {display:none !important}
#adSpace3 {display:none !important}
#adSpace4 {display:none !important}
#adSpace5 {display:none !important}
#adSpace6 {display:none !important}
#adSpace7 {display:none !important}
#adSpace8 {display:none !important}
#adSpace9 {display:none !important}
#adSpace10 {display:none !important}
#adSpace11 {display:none !important}
#adSpace12 {display:none !important}
#adSpace13 {display:none !important}
#adSpace14 {display:none !important}
#adSpace15 {display:none !important}
#adSpace16 {display:none !important}
#adSpace17 {display:none !important}
#adSpace18 {display:none !important}
#adSpace19 {display:none !important}
#adSpace20 {display:none !important}

.widget WidgetAdvertiser {display:none !important}
.WidgetAdvertiser {display:none !important}

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