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<includeonly>{| align="center" style="border-collapse:collapse; border-style:none; background-color:transparent;{{#if:{{{width|}}}|width:{{{width}}};|}}" class="cquote"
| width="20" valign="top" style="color:#B2B7F2;font-size:35px;font-family:'Times New Roman',serif;font-weight:bold;text-align:left;padding:9px 10px 0 10px;" | “
| valign="top" style="padding:4px 10px 5px 10px;" | {{{1|Insert the text of the quote here, without quotation marks.}}}
| width="20" valign="bottom" style="color:#B2B7F2;font-size:35px;font-family:'Times New Roman',serif;font-weight:bold;text-align:right;padding:10px 10px 0px 10px;" | ”
{{!}} colspan="3" style="padding-top: 0" <!--VERTICAL SPACING of Citation to quote, was originally 10px on Wikimedia-->{{!}} {{#if:{{{2|<noinclude>Origin</noinclude>}}}|<p style="font-size:smaller;line-height:1em;text-align: right"><cite style="font-style:normal;">—{{{2}}}{{#if:{{{3|<noinclude>Source</noinclude>}}}|, {{{3}}}}}</cite></p>}}
This is a template that formats a quote in a prominent, visually pleasing manner.
'''Usage:''' By consensus, this template should be used only for ''real'' quotes, preferably sourced. Also by consensus, this template should ''not'' be used simply to display a tech-spec motto-- quotes should illustrate or illuminate an essential facet of the character.
'''<nowiki>{{quote | Insert the text of the quote here, without quotation marks. | Who | Where }}</nowiki>
{{Quote | Insert the text of the quote here, without quotation marks. | Who | Where }}
'''Note for future editors:''' The table for this template has class 'cquote' assigned to it. There ''is no'' Cascading Style Sheet definition for .cquote at this time; the class was included in the the original [[Wikipedia:Template:Cquote|Cquote Wikimedia Template]] <small>(which this template was <strike>blatantly stolen from</strike> patterned on)</small> for the purpose of forward compatability. ''Hopefully this saves you 30 minutes of of searching and scratching your heads''.
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